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NC Dairy and Dairy Youth Foundations

The North Carolina Dairy Foundation and North Carolina Dairy Youth Foundation are two advisory boards operating under the auspices of The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation.


The North Carolina Dairy Foundation serves as the private support arm of the dairy research, extension and teaching program at NC State University.  

The North Carolina Dairy Youth Foundation has as its mission to develop and provide broad-based financial support to enhance and expand North Carolina Dairy Youth Programs conducted via state, district, county and local activities.

Important Information and Documents
(The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc.)

Visit the university’s Foundations Accounting and Investment website for financial information on the North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, including the W-9, tax exemption letter, and bylaws.


Member Requirements: Members are selected for their support of the mission and vision of CALS, the North Carolina dairy industry and supporting corresponding youth education.

Nomination Process: Nominations are encouraged from all interested parties and are reviewed by the board’s nomination committee during quarterly meetings.

For More Information

Kathy Kennel

Assistant Secretary, NC Agricultural Foundation, Inc.