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The North Carolina Agricultural Foundation, Inc. (NCAF) was incorporated on November 24, 1944 as a non-profit, charitable, 501(c)3 corporation as a means of supporting agricultural research, extension, and teaching activities in the College of Agriculture and Life Sciences at NC State. The NCAF accepts and manages gifts for the benefit of the College. Thanks to the dedication of our volunteers, several advisory boards were formed over the years. Their mission is to promote the welfare of the College through advocacy, fundraising and service.


Our vision is to maximize the time and talent of our outstanding volunteer leaders and be the premiere board service opportunity for champions of agriculture and life sciences at the University and in the state of North Carolina.

Our Commitment to You

Five Key Principles
  1. You will have the opportunity to build your professional and personal networks.
  2. We will listen to and, to the extent possible, act upon feedback you share with the College.
  3. You will understand your role as a board member – we will provide clear instructions/ expectations throughout your experience, starting with thorough onboarding materials.
  4. Bi-annual CALS board meetings will be engaging, efficient, and as convenient for your busy schedule as possible.
  5. We are actively working to create more diversity across our CALS boards (in terms of age, types of agriculture, race, geography, etc.).

CALS Acronym Index

ANRAgriculture and Natural Resources (usually paired with CDR)
ARAAcademic & Research Advancement
ASTFAlliance for Saving Threatened Forests
CAATCollege Academic: Admin Technology
CALSCollege of Agriculture & Life Sciences
CDECommunity Development Extension
CEFSCenter for Environmental Farming Systems
CESCooperative Extension Service
CFRCorporate & Foundation Relations
CRDCommunity & Rural Development (usually paired with ANR)
DODevelopment Officer
ECAExtension & Community Association
EPAExempt from Personnel Act (Instructional, Research, Public Service/Extension, Sr. Academic & Administrative Officer positions)
FCSFamily & Consumer Services
FFAFuture Farmers of America
JCRAJC Raulston Arboretum
MOUMemorandum of Understanding
NAADANational Agricultural Alumni Development Association
NCAFNorth Carolina Agricultural Foundation
NCARSNorth Carolina Agricultural Research Service
NCCENorth Carolina Cooperative Extension
NCDANorth Carolina Department of Agriculture
PSIPlant Sciences Initiative
SOFStewards of the Future
SPAState Personnel Act (subject to rules & regulations of the State Personnel Act)