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Paula Barngrover

Board Secretary l CEO, Alura USA

Durham, NC

NCSU Friend

Committee: Technical Advisory and Finance

Term Ends: 2027


Paula is an M.B.A. business administrator. Within Iluma Alliance, she leads the USA’s Alura feed additives division. Iluma Alliance is the endeavor of more than 800 people who have decided to invest their time, intellect, capabilities, energy, and existence in the development of an organization that meaningfully contributes to a better-nourished world. Illuma Alliance includes four businesses: Animal Nutrition with Premex, Animal Health and Nutrition with Alura, Human Nutrition with Nutreo, and Data and Computer Science with Asimetrix.


M.B.A. Family Business and Entrepreneurship Escuela de Administración de Empresas (EAE) Business School in Spain